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Sigil-0.9.7 Released

For the impatient, the installer files (and source) can be found as attachments at the bottom of the Github Release page.

Sigil-0.9.6 Released

This Sigil-0.9.6 release is a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users.

Sigil-0.9.5 Released

This Sigil-0.9.5 release is a quick follow-up bug fix release to primarily address some regressions that had snuck into the code over the past two releases.

Sigil-0.9.4 Released

Sigil 0.9.4 is both a bug fix release and a release to greatly improve epub3 editing and generation all without impacting Sigil’s epub2 capabilities.

Sigil-0.9.3 is Released

Sigil-0.9.3 is a major new release that greatly improves Sigil’s ability to work with and generate epub3 ebooks without losing any of its epub2 capabilities....