PageEdit-1.1.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features. Some of the highlights for this release include:

Dark mode suport for Windows Linux and macOSX. Mac is the only one of the three platforms where Qt inherently supports the system-level dark mode.

A brand-new higher-contrast icon set for PageEdit has been contributed by BeckyEbook. Thanks for all your contributions to this version @BeckyDTP !

Platform-specific Dark Mode details:

On Windows, darkmode is most commonly controlled by the darkmode settings in the latest version of Windows 10’s settings. It won’t work “on the fly” like many apps from the Windows Appstore, so you’ll have to restart PageEdit if you change your system settings to see the settings take effect. To override the system setting (or to enable dark mode on versions of Windows that don’t officially have a dark mode), use the PAGEEDIT_USES_DARK_MODE environnment variable (0 = off, anything else = on).

On Linux, PageEdit has made changes to try and honor all platform themes that users define for their Qt apps on their desktop of choice. So theme managers like qt5ct or kvantum should work well with changing PageEdit’s look. There might be a bit of color/qss tweaking to do, but all-in-all, I’ve seen good results with a myriad of themes (dark and light). If you’d like to opt-in to PageEdit’s own included dark palette, set the FORCE_PAGEEDIT_DARKMODE_PALETTE environment variable before launching PageEdit. That will cause PageEdit to ignore platform themes/overrides and to use the same dark palette that Windows uses. Note that PageEdit will also honor Sigil’s environment variable for this purpose: FORCE_SIGIL_DARKMODE_PALETTE

On macOSX, Dark mode should just work. Qt has added a lot of inherent support for Mac’s dark mode and PageEdit has incorporated that support. Even on-the-fly time-of-day changes should work with Sigil.

New Features

  • added support for a Dark Mode for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • added new icons courtesy of BeckyEbook that work under both light and dark modes
  • added Zoom-In, Zoom-Out, reset support to Inspector using key shortcuts (META +, META -, META 0)
  • added support for controlling Windows/Linux HighDPI settings
  • added support for setting the user interface font

Bug Fixes

  • fix bug for linking to top of page in SelectHyperlink
  • fix bug in zoom slider that did not reflect initial zoom setting on startup
  • fix bug in missing icon sizes (Thanks BeckyEbook)

The latest official PageEdit user guide can always be downloaded from its own repository. There’s also a user-created guide that can be found here.