PageEdit-1.3.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features.

Windows users please note that the installer will now allow PageEdit to be installed for the current user only if desired. The installation of the included Visual Studio C++ runtime, however, will always require administrative privileges. You can provide those credentials for the runtime install portion only (if you install PageEdit for the current user). The user can also skip the runtime check/install entirely if they desire. If they do so, however, it will be up to them (or their administrator) to make sure the proper Visual Studio C++ runtime is installed. Because of these changes, it recommended that Windows users uninstall the previous version of PageEdit before installing this one. No settings, preferences, or plugins (or their configurations) will be lost by doing so.

New Features

  • Windows/macOS release build updated to Qt 5.12.9 with added bug fixes
  • Added experimental protection against evil epubs manipulating file: urls
  • Changes to support building with Visual Studio 2019 on Windows
  • Improved Windows Installer and handling of C++ runtime libraries

Bug Fixes

  • refactored built-in dark theme
  • Fixes to support Qt 5.15 on Linux

The latest official PageEdit user guide can always be downloaded from its own repository. There’s also a user-created guide that can be found here.

The binary downloads (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the PageEdit Github Release page.