Sigil-1.3.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users.

Windows users please note that the installer will now allow Sigil to be installed for the current user only, if desired. The installation of the included Visual Studio C++ runtime, however, will always require administrative privileges. You can provide those credentials for the runtime install portion only (if you install Sigil for the current user). The user can also skip the runtime check/install entirely if they desire. If they do so, however, it will be up to them (or their administrator) to make sure the proper Visual Studio C++ runtime is installed. Because of these changes, it recommended that Windows users uninstall the previous version of Sigil before installing this one. No settings, preferences, or plugins (or their configurations) will be lost by doing so.

New Features (since the 1.2.0 release):

  • Added FontTab to show a specific font by double-clicking in BookBrowser
  • Added Index Toolbar
  • Windows/macOS release build updated to Qt 5.12.9 with added bug fixes
  • Windows/macOS release build updated to Python 3.8.3
  • Added increased protection against evil epubs manipulating file: urls
  • Changes to support building with Visual Studio 2019 on Windows
  • Improved Windows Installer and handling of C++ runtime libraries
  • Updated Build instructions for MacOS, Windows, and Linux

Bug Fixes (since the 1.2.0 release):

  • Reorganized the source code to add a Widgets folder to reduce code duplication
  • Fixed spelling mistakes in MetaEditor user interface and xmlsanitycheck error messages
  • Fixed mistakes handling font files (and other files) whose names start with a “.” on macOS/Linux
  • Improved embedded python error messages
  • Improved some error messages on epub load
  • Fix TabConnections to properly handle the new FontTab tabs
  • grew Preferences Colour widths to better handle non-English colour names (Thanks BeckyEbook)
  • Fixed bug in handling missing local links when using Add Existing …
  • Removed all python2 remanants from the Sigil plugin and pythonlib code
  • If “Mend on Open” set, better handle import of huge file of of run-on lines
  • Bug fix for css url updating
  • Fix bug that prevented css updates from being shown in Preview without reload
  • Fix gcc8 build warnings where possible
  • Prevent BookBrowser’s Rename and RERename from using URI delimiters (“#”,etc) in file names

Please check the Sigil Wiki for important Sigil support links, additional resource downloads, and platform-specific trouble-shooting tips/requirements.

Mac users should still download and install ActiveState’s ActiveTcl Community Edition to utilize plugins that use Tk/Tcl GUIs. More here.
Mac users should also check out the wiki entry on the New Release File Format

The latest Sigil user guide can always be downloaded from its own repository.

PGP Fingerprint

The binary downloads (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of The Sigil Github Release page.