Sigil 0.8.901 is the second in the Sigil 0.9.0 pre-release series and is primarily a bug fix release. If no major showstopper bugs are found, this pre-release will form the official Sigil 0.9.0 release.

Special thanks to all who tested and reported bugs in the initial Sigil-0.8.900 release!  Thanks to your help we have been able to find and fix a large number of bugs and greatly improve the stability of the new release series of Sigil.

The latest release can be downloaded from Sigil-Ebook’s github releases here:

As always for safety – please remember to only download Sigil from its official home and to check the sha 256 checksum of your download before attempting to open it.

Bug Fixed

  • fix for hang when trying to add a cover
  • multiple fixes for segfaults in the TOC creation code
  • fixes for blank TOC headings caused by tags nested inside of h1-h6 tags
  • workaround for a major instability caused by a compiler bug in Visual Studio 2013 on Windows
  • fixes for multiple xml header declarations appearing when using sigil_bs4 prettyprint_xhtml() or serialize_xhtml()
  • build fixes to include MSVCR100.DLL for Windows machines that are too new to have it
  • fix pretty printing using gumbo to support selected mbp: tags
  • fixes to deal with self-closing iframe tags which made gumbo stumble
  • fixes to more robustly convert from QByteArray types to their char * pointers
  • fixes and improvements to the Building on Linux instructions
  • protect gumbo parsing with a mutex to prevent unknown issues with potential for non-reentrant code in that library
  • workaround Qt QHash operator()= bugs that caused static QHash objects to freed multiple times
  • fix for internal opf processing encoding detection being confused by xml header declarations potentially resulting in missing spine and manifest items.

New Features

  • new launcher/wrapper code interface to support plugins that operate on epub3 ebooks
  • added cssutils, cssselect, and chardet to the site-packages of the embedded Python 3.4 interpreter
  • validation plugins that report no errors will now have “No problems found” appear in the Sigil Validation window.
  • validation plugins will auto accept/close the plugin runner window no matter the results
  • Windows installer now detects whether MS redistributable runtimes are already installed

Note, the epub2 validator FlightCrew has been converted to a plugin for Sigil 0.8.900 (and later). This plugin can be downloaded from the official Sigil-Ebook/flightcrew repository:

Also please make any bug reports in the appropriate thread inside of the Sigil Forum on or on our github repo’s issues page.