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Sigil version 2.2.1 is a bug fix release. Depending on how stable this version turns out to be, this may represent the last version of Sigil to support Qt5.

Changes in this Release

Bug Fixes

  • update base.ts for late Preferences translation change missed in the last release
  • update Translations from Transifex
  • fix incorrect std button icon under Fusion for Sigil Preferences Open Preference Folder
  • set default button in the fix doctype/headers dialog on epub load to Yes to match earlier behaviour


The latest version of the Sigil User Guide can always be downloaded from the Sigil website, or from its own GitHub repository.

Please check the Sigil website for important Sigil support links, additional resource downloads, and platform-specific trouble-shooting tips/requirements.

The MacOS builds are signed but they are NOT notarized. See this PageEdit/Sigil issue for more information.

PGP Fingerprint (for signed tags and source archives): B5A5 6206 AB0F BC1A 24EF AB8A A166 D29A 8FCD AC63

All Sigil binary (and source) downloads can also be found as assets at the bottom of The Sigil-2.2. Github Release page.