Users of Sigil can choose to use one of the three primary icon themes provided with Sigil:

Main - Default set available in Sigil 1.0 and later:

Main Icon Theme Light Main Icon Theme Dark

Fluent - icons derived from Microsoft’s fluent icon set

Fluent Icon Theme Light Fluent Icon Theme Dark

Material - icons derived from Google’s material icons:

Material Icon Theme Light Material Icon Theme Dark

In addition to these 3 main supported icon themes, Sigil allows users to install their own custom icon theme after compiling them with Qt’s Resource Compiler to generate .rcc files.

To help users find possible custom icon themes, we have created some additional derived icon themes that Sigil users may decide to install themselves:

Legacy - pure svg versions of Sigil’s icons pre Sigil 0.9.7.

Legacy Icon Theme

Download Legacy Icon Theme

Material Derivatives - each in one of the following base colours: blue, gray, lilac, orange, pink, and red specifically chosen to be usable under both Light and Dark modes.

Material Red Icon Theme

Material Orange Icon Theme

Material Pink Icon Theme

Material Gray Icon Theme

Material Lilac Icon Theme

Material Blue Icon Theme

You can download any of these themes–as well as learn how to install/compile them–for use with Sigil from the IconThemes GitHub repository