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Sigil-1.8.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reports now generate properly quoted csv when saved
  • Workaround Bug in QtWebengine when using custom scheme handler and specific audio/video codecs
  • Fix CV -> Preview sync after intial load when Preview Zoom is not equal to 100%
  • Fix link tags with rel set to stylesheets via Mend and Mend and Prettify that are missing type
  • Fix GoToLinkOrStyle to work on css link tags in head
  • Fix logic in GoToLinkOrStyle to better identify the actual target with styles
  • Fix insert media file when cursor at very start of tag
  • Fix Windows and macOS bugs when generating Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Fix insert closing tag when cursor at very start of tag
  • Fix double copy to Clipboard from OPF and NCX Tabs
  • Fix GoToLinkOrStyle when class attribute present but cursor not in the class attribute
  • Fix TabManager scroll to position to properly handle position of 0
  • Fix crash using Split At Markers when body tag is completely empty (no whitespace or anything)

New Features:

  • BookBrowser can now link javascripts similarly to how it links stylesheets
  • Epub3 javascripts can now open windows if javascript is enabled
  • Add Find and Replace context menu to clear its curent values and history
  • Add support for 3 Automation lists that support editing and automatically running a list of commands that can include all Sigil plugins and a limited set of Tools
  • Add support for BookBrowser to insert a blank javascript file
  • Do not require replacement prompt if current book is unmodified and input plugin is run


The latest version of the Sigil User Guide can always be downloaded from the Sigil website, or from its own GitHub repository.

Three new e-Reader plugins for Sigil have been built to help users see what their ebook might look like in real e-readers while still inside Sigil. See this post for descriptions and links.

Please check the Sigil website for important Sigil support links, additional resource downloads, and platform-specific trouble-shooting tips/requirements.

Mac users should still download and install ActiveState’s ActiveTcl Community Edition to utilize plugins that use Tk/Tcl GUIs. More here.

Mac users should also check out the website entry on the New Release File Format.

PGP Fingerprint (for signed tags and source archives): B5A5 6206 AB0F BC1A 24EF AB8A A166 D29A 8FCD AC63

All binary (and source) downloads can also be found as assets at the bottom of The Sigil-1.8.0 Github Release page.