Sigil 0.9.2 is a bug fix and stability improvement release of the stable Sigil-0.9.X series.  It includes all of the changes and improvements so far and it has shown itself to be very stable in testing. Most of the changes from our last release Sigil-0.9.1 are bug fixes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Update BuildingOnLinux docs
  • Update Building on Mac OS X docs
  • Fix example clips/searches loading on Linux
  • Simplify UseBundledInterpreter Logic
  • Fix bug when adding existing html links to stylesheets not being updated
  • Fix bug in Well-Formed error messages due to bug inside gumbo’s error.c
  • Add xmlns=””; attribute to html tag if missing
  • Fix lost DOCTYPE info when splitting or merging
  • Completely rework pretty printing via gumbo to be much more robust
  • Make identification and storage of page-map.xml more robust
  • Restore Sigil’s update checker that’s been broken for a while
  • Update sigil_bs4 prettyprint_xhtml and serialize_xhtml routines to use logic of code in GumboInterface
  • Update sigil_bs4 to use numeric entities when faced with nbsp so they do not get lost later in Sigil
  • Fix bugs in sigil_bs4/prettyprint_xhtml and serialize_xhtml routines that failed to handle some void tags properly
  • Fix out of date error message referencing Tidy
  • Coerce missing or bad doctypes to meet either epub2 or epub3 standard
  • Inject empty title tag if missing from head
  • Html escape Index entry text used to create index.html


  • Include Pull Request 161 by pinotree “Switch TempFolder to QTemporaryDir” to improve safety
  • Preliminary Linux binary installer support added
  • Add ability to change Sigil’s user preferences directory by specifying a new path via the SIGIL_PREFS_DIR environment variable (path must be user-writable).

User Interface Changes:

  • Add some keyboard accelerators to the Spell Check dialogue see Sigil Issue# 164
  • Completely revamp Cleaning to use “Mend Code” and remove PrettyPrintGumbo as on option
  • Rename PrettyPrintGumbo to “Mend and Prettify” and move to CodeView Right-click menu and Tools Menu
  • Rename “Sanity Check” to “Well-Formed Check EPUB” and remove check icon people confused with FlightCrew
  • Change ToValidXHTML by using serialize not prettyprint

It is hoped this release will provide a stable and up-to-date version of Sigil while development work continues on adding some additional epub3 support features.

Download Location
The official location for downloading this Sigil release (and all official releases) is:

Downloading binaries from anyplace else is simply not a good idea as they could inject anything into their own downloads. After downloading, please verify the downloaded binary exactly matches what was originally posted by running an SHA 256 checksum on the file before installing it. See the file Sigil-0.9.2-CHECKSUMS.sha256.txt for the correct checksums for each file and instructions for how to calculate a SHA 256 Checksum for your download. The Mac OS X Package has also been code signed with my Apple Developer signature.

Don’t Forget FlightCrew
Please note, the epub2 validator FlightCrew has been converted to a plugin for Sigil 0.8.900 and later.
This plugin remains unchanged from the last release and can be downloaded from the official Sigil-Ebook flightcrew repository if you have not already installed it.

Attention Mac OS X Users
Per the recommendation of (see, due to bugs and the age of Apple’s internal Tcl library, you should also download and install ActiveState’s ActiveTcl Community Edition. To get the latest bug fixes, Sigil-0.9.2’s embedded Python has been linked with the very latest version: Tcl

We may not redistribute this Package with Sigil due to ActiveState’s binary non-redistribution policy.

So please, if you have not already done so, download and install this version of ActiveState’s Active Tcl Community Edition, until we get a chance to do our own build of Tcl from source for future releases. ActiveState is a primary contributor to and a respected and trusted source for python and tcl/tk related binaries on both Windows and Mac OS X.