Sigil 0.9.1 is a bug fix and stability improvement release of the stable Sigil-0.9.X series. It includes all of the changes and improvements from our Sigil-0.8.900 series of pre-releases and it has shown itself to be very stable in testing.

The changes since our last release Sigil-0.9.0 are all bug fixes:

  • Fix bug when template sgc_toc.css could be changed to blank on save, since no InitialLoad() was done
  • Change order of TextResource m_IsLoaded and m_CacheInUse flags to minimize potentail race exposure.
  • Fix PluginRunner bug that introduced errors into xhtml files when both the content.opf and xhtml were modified.
  • Automatically XML decode and escape Metadata entries created in the Metadata GUI.
  • Alter so a missing libhunspell doesn’t stop ALL plugins from working/
  • Default to using clean by gumbo vs prettyprint gumbo in new installs.
  • Fix prettyprint bug with trailing whitespace improperly inserted after inline tags inside div tags.
  • Fix for bundled interpreter packages PIL and cssutils on Mac OS X that were missing.
  • Fix for crash when using Find in BV on pages with no text, only images (issue #156).
  • Added to docs to allow Linux packagers to test their plugin implementation.
  • Fix for prettyprint bug with tables (issue # 158).
  • Fix for serialize in gumbo to limit injection of new lines to barest minimum.
  • Update Plugin Framework documentation to Revision 6 – see docs/Sigil_Plugin_Framework_rev6.epub.
  • Make build order of Sigil’s internal gumbo deterministic in order to help Linux packagers.
  • Make plugin launcher success and error messages robust to non-utf-8 strings.
  • Fix for crash bug when comments exist inside manifest of opf.
  • Fix for Sigil’s internal gumbo to only inject end tags when current token does NOT need to be reprocessed.

It is hoped this release will provide a stable and up-to-date version of Sigil while development work begins on adding some additional epub3 support features.

Download Location

The official location for downloading this Sigil release (and all official releases) is:

Downloading binaries from anyplace else is simply not a good idea as they could inject anything into their own downloads. After downloading, please verify the downloaded binary exactly matches what was originally posted by running an SHA 256 checksum on the file before installing it.

See the file Sigil-0.9.1-CHECKSUMS.sha256.txt for the correct checksums for each file and instructions for how to calculate a SHA 256 Checksum for your download. The Mac OS X Package has also been code signed with my Apple Developer signature.

Don’t Forget FlightCrew

Please note, the epub2 validator FlightCrew has been converted to a plugin for Sigil 0.8.900 and later. This plugin remains unchanged from the last release and can be downloaded from the official Sigil-Ebook flightcrew repository if you have not already installed it.

Attention Mac OS X Users

Per recommendation of (see, due to bugs and the age of Apple’s internal Tcl library, you should also download and install ActiveState’s ActiveTcl Community Edition. To get the latest bug fixes, Sigil-0.9.1’s embedded Python has been linked with the very latest version: Tcl

We may *not* redistribute this Package with Sigil due to ActiveState’s binary non-redistribution policy.

So please download and install this version of ActiveState’s Active Tcl Community Edition, until we get a chance to do our own build of Tcl from source for future releases. ActiveState is a primary contributor to and a respected and trusted source for python and tcl/tk related binaries on both Windows and Mac OS X.