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PageEdit-2.0.2 is a bug fix release. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to this this version from earlier versions of PageEdit 2.0.

Changes in this Release

  • workaround QtWebEngine load Finished signal not indicating when javascript is ready
  • remove previous hack for missing loadFinished after loadStarted during internal links
  • update Qt with patches to fix numerous Accessibility bugs in Qt6.5.2 that caused crashing
  • workaround MacOS QMessageBox loss of focus Qt 6.5.X bug without hurting other platforms
  • give user the chance to cancel leaving a page if modified
  • update macOS Info.plist for macOS min of macOS 11.0
  • add workaround Edit->Paste of html from clipboard without full context on Windows
  • update Windows and macOS installers to use Qt6.5.3


The latest PageEdit user guide can always be downloaded from the PageEdit website, or from its own GitHub repository.

The MacOS builds are signed but they are NOT notarized. See this PageEdit/Sigil issue for more information.

The binary downloads (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the PageEdit Github Release page.