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This release is a mix of bug fixes and new features. The Key points are the upgrade to Qt6.5.2. We will no longer be providing an official Windows 32-bit binary installer. The update to Qt6.5.2 makes Windows 10 (1809) the minimum supported OS for the official version of PageEdit starting with PageEdit 2.0.0. Similarly, it makes the minimum supported MacOS version 11.0 (Big Sur).

New Features

  • updated official releases to use Qt 6.5.2
  • added ability to create and apply Clips
  • updated to jquery 3.6.4 for security fixes
  • added ability to control print output quality (dpi)
  • added ability to show embedded pdfs in an epub (ala ADE)

Bug Fixes:

  • updated to the latest sigil-gumbo for bug fixes and to add new tags
  • fixed all/most compiler warnings depending on platfrom/compiler
  • added WebProfileMgr to fix crashes and better manage QWebEngineProfile and local storage


The latest PageEdit user guide can always be downloaded from the PageEdit website, or from its own GitHub repository.

The MacOS builds are signed but they are NOT notarized. See this PageEdit/Sigil issue for more information.

The binary downloads (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the PageEdit Github Release page.