For the impatient, the binary files (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of the PageEdit Github Release page.

PageEdit-0.8.0 is is primarily a new features release.

The major new features include the addition of Find and Spellchecking. In addition, the user now can set Preferences to determine how they would like to handle how PageEdit handles sequences of whitespace by either injecting non-breaking spaces (the default) or setting styles to use white-space:pre-wap.

In addition by setting the environment variable “PAGEEDIT_ENABLE_WORD_PASTE_CLEANUP” to 1 will enable extra cleanup code during Save that will remove much of the cruft leftover when pasting formatted text from Microsoft Word into PageEdit. This feature is experimental and can remove both xhtml comments and remove any style tags used in the body (not head!).

Here is a more complete list of the changes:

New Features

  • add user preferences to control use of white-space:pre-wrap vs nbsp chars
  • add user preferences to set spellchecking dictionary
  • add SpellChecking capability for QWebEngine Dictionaries
    (.bdic modified version of Hunspell dictionaries)
  • add Find capability (no replace just as in BookView)
  • allow cleanup after paste from Word during Save using
    Note: risky since it removes style tags that are in the body and all xhtml comments

Bug Fixes

  • remove spurious newlines in injected user stylesheets and controls (Thanks BeckyDTP!)
  • actually compare source to detect all changes
  • fix macOS specific bug that allowed multiple Dockwidget MainWindows to become tabs