Sigil-1.4.0 represents a mix of bug fixes and new features for both epub2 and epub3 users.

Multiple Language Spellcheck support! Icon Themes and other cool stuff! Read all about it.

New Features:

  • Two different types of Multiple Language Spellchecking support added:

    • A user can now specify a Primary and a Secondary Language dictionary for real-time spellchecking (red squiggley underline).
    • The Spellcheck Dialog will now support spell checking as determined by xml:lang and lang attributes in any languages with dictionaries
  • Main UI icons now use scalable svg files to better serve higher res displays. All provided by BeckyEbook (ala BeckyDTP). A huge Thank You! to BeckyEbook
  • New brighter Sigil Application Icon is now being used.
  • Alternate Sigil main Application Icon now available as a build-time option
  • Sigil now provides 3 different Icon Themes for the user: Main, Fluent, and Material. Again all thanks goes to BeckyEbook for creating/collecting all of the icon themes!
  • Sigil will now support a custom user-determined Icon theme via a custom .rcc file.

    • pre-made icon themes for Legacy and Material themes in different base colors are now available with more user-contributed theme files to hopefully come. Again Thank BeckyEbook!
    • checkout for more information and additional themes
  • New main toolbar icons are now available and improved icon groupings have been made to provide the user with a greater degree of toolbar customization. Users may need to drag and drop icon grouping and modify their selections of Toolbars to see some of these new options.
  • Improved support for IRI (international) hrefs. OPF newly added file manifest ids now converted to plain ascii to prevent issues with older readers

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix bugs in Marking for Index
  • Perform major URL en/decode refactoring to properly handle ‘#’ (and other reserved chars) in file names
  • Translate “Table of Contents” using book language not ui langauge
  • Fix handling of links when using Add Existing on xhtml files with links to other xhtml files
  • Fix split code to better handle duplicate target ids that reside in different files
  • Bug fixes for the plugin interface from wrCisco (Thank you!)
  • Bug fixes for the plugin interface setguide from BeckyDTP (Thank you!)
  • Fix bug in OPF parsing when valid but non-traditional namespace prefixes are used
  • Fix rare off by one condition in clip number to clip enditor model conversion

Please check the Sigil Wiki for important Sigil support links, additional resource downloads, and platform-specific trouble-shooting tips/requirements.

Mac users should still download and install ActiveState’s ActiveTcl Community Edition to utilize plugins that use Tk/Tcl GUIs. More here.
Mac users should also check out the wiki entry on the New Release File Format

The latest Sigil user guide can always be downloaded from its own repository.

PGP Fingerprint

The binary downloads (and source) can be found as assets at the bottom of The Sigil Github Release page.