PageEdit-1.6.0 is a minor update that represents 3 bug fixes and a single new feature.

Windows x64 download
MacOS download

New Features:

  • Added ability for spine position to be passed in alongside OPF path to simplify the interface between Sigil and PageEdit (with versions 1.6.0+)

Bug fixes:

  • Bring SelectCharacter Dialog to be in sync with its counterpart in Sigil
  • Remove tab and disable InsertFile menu if not Media is present to insert
  • Fix typo in Greek Letter (Nu) (Thank you Doitsu).


The PageEdit user guide has been updated and can always be downloaded from its own repository.

Mac users should also check out the wiki entry on the New Release File Format.

All binary (and source) downloads can be found as assets at the bottom of The PageEdit Github Release page.